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Adassa Inc is interested in hosting accessories shopping events in your local area. Do you have suggestions regarding a boutique in your community, where you would like to see us host this event? Are you interested in hosting the event yourself?  Please contact info@adassabrand.com

Thank you for contacting us regarding becoming a fashion coach for Adassa. We are constantly looking for people with "great entrepreneurial spirit," people who are eager to grow with Adassa, to help promote our mission of dressing women from "head to toe" in elegance.  If you have a desire to meet people and a passion for fashion, please consider joining the team of Adassa Fashion Coaches.
What are the benefits to being a part of this wonderful team of successful business people:

* You get unbelievable discounts on all products
* Enticing commission for products sold through you
*Higher commission for referrals
*You run your buisiness with dependence and flexible schedule
*Be a part of an elite team with one on one access to Princess Fumi and the Adassa Team.
*The knowledge and confidence that you are supported by an efficient team who will go an extra mile to make you successful too.
*An opportunity to make as much money as you desire
*Quality products from a woman owned business with integrity.
* An opportunity to join Princess Fumi and the Adassa Team on a trip to the Royal palace in Africa --with the purpose of volunteering: helping women and children in the villages
Need I say more?
What we are looking for?
*People with a sense of fashion
*Ability to coach other Fashion Coaches as well as our Adassa Fashionistas.
*An inate desire for sales and more importantly a love of people

Excited at the possibility of making more money outside of what you may be earning now? Please contact us at: info@adassabrand.com