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ADASSA----Short version of HADDASAH-- A teenage orphan who lived in Persia centuries ago. HADDASAH finds herself in the palace as the Queen of Persia against all odds, encouraging us that miracle still happens. 

The Adassa™ brand brings to our clients and their loved ones a better way: A taste of couture at remarkable pricing. They are truly authentic inspirations from a royal palace, of which Princess Fumi is a part of.  


The Adassa™ Brand introduces a collection of luxurious lounge to day wear inclusive of all women body types. Not only will women feel comfortable when wearing our styles, the inspirational messages embedded in this luxurious collection will bring a smile, confidence, high self esteem, self pride & dignity; and hope for new and brighter beginnings.

The Adassa™ brand, through its innovative products: Clothing, Jewelry and other Accessories present an experience and an adventure to our customers, which will ultimately add beauty, meaning, and purpose to the lives of our consumers.

This is a lifestyle brand with a global appeal. It is an inspirational phenomenon. It is East meets West. It is a taste of "global couture" with a touch of European Sophistication and American Lifestyle.

Every woman wants and deserves to be treated like a princess. Through our signature collection,
Inspirations from a Royal Palace, women from petite size to full figure have the opportunity to live this dream.

What is unique about this collection is that it transcends age.... “Inspirations from a Royal Palace Collection: The Brash & Sassy Line-BELIEVE and Her Majesty's Wardrobe" are not only ageless but exciting and youthful in a very classy way. In that, women from ages 28+ enjoy the ease, comfort and elegance the collection represents. 

Princess Fumi of the Adumori Nigerian Royal Family entrust to her customers a legacy and a lifestyle of Hope, New Beginnings, Restoration, Love and unending Joy