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How do I handle income and sales tax?
Adassa will issue a 1099 form to each Coach at the beginning of the new calendar year. A 1099 is issued for each non-employee that has earned commission over $600. This form is sued by our coaches to claim earnings on their tax filings.
  You will be doing this too.
Regarding sales tax, Adassa will submit all collected sales tax to appropriate government agencies. Hence, as one of our coaches, you will not need to apply for a sales permit.
What qualifications must I have to be an Adassa Fashion Coach?
Stylists must be US citizens or permanent residents with a valid Social Security number and be 18 years or older. We also ask that you sign the agreement, request and purchase our Diva Starter Kit.

How can I continue to maintain my active role as an Adassa Fashion Coach?
We ask that all of our coaches generate at least $500 in sales each quarter to remain active and to be eligible for commission and other special offerings.

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