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“Champion A Child” Scholarship Fund:
1.) Knowledge is power. Our future needs to be fueled with passion, diligence and excellence. What better way to achieve this. Funds will be paying for children’s books, school supplies, uniforms and other miscellaneous your child will need to be successful in school. Put a smile on a face, please consider changing a life in Africa:

Do you know that for $232 a year, you can send an African Child to school?

Champion a Child -                  $ 20.00 per month
                                           $ 60.00 per 3 months
                                           $ 232.00 per year

Champion a Class (25) -           $500.00 per month

Champion a School (100) -       $2,000.00 per month  
You can also mail your donation to: 
c/o Dr. F S Hancock
Check Payable to:
Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc.
P.O .Box 2071
Spring Hill, TN 37174

More on Projects: The Library, Enrichment Center