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Traveling to Africa, particularly Emure Kingdom and being welcomed into the community by the King, his chiefs and the community indegenes is an experience second to none. While we know that many people continue to voice their interest in visiting the community we currently serve--EMURE KINGDOM; we are realistic when we say that not everyone will be able to travel to Africa. To this effect, we celebrate the efforts put forth by our sponsors and supporters and we eagerly call out to those who are looking to make a difference.

Do you have a passion to speak? Will you like to represent us in your community, schools , churches and other organizations? We are looking for you. We need warm and loving people to get the word out about our work in Africa.

Are you interested in putting together a fundraiser for the Adassa Foundation?

Do you have skills you believe we can put to use?

Immediate oppportunity to Volunteer: These opportunities are located in the U.S:
Web Developer
Fundraising Organizer
Experience in Grant Writing
Event Organizer
Graphic Designer