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(We are currently working in Emure Kingdom, Nigeria)


Champion A Child

The "Champion a Child" Campaign is an Adassa Adumori Foundation initiative to eradicate poverty amongst children and their families primarily in Africa, other third world countries and within the United States of America.
Africans believe that Education is the ultimate key and a "way out" of poverty. As such, the foundation has established several programs to address this (continued)....


Champion A Village
Champion a Village is Adassa- Adumori Foundation’s development program which seeks to bring about a quality of life in targeted communities. We approach community development in a holistic and multifaceted way. Adassa- Adumori Foundation collaborates with rural communities to identify areas of needs in the following sectors:

-Education, -Health, -Women, Children and Families,-Youth and Community Development (continued


Champion An Orphanage

January 2009, we visited the Living Fountain Orphanage located in lagos, Nigeria. We went in thinking we were going to "bless" the children. As it turns out, the children were indeed the blessing to the Adassa Adumori Foundation (continued)....


Free Medical & Dental Care and Education
for Indigenes

With assistance from US Medical Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Dentists etc, the Adassa Adumori Foundation has pulled together an "alliance" to combat the healthcare crisis inundating African children and their families (continued)....


Management & Leadership Training

With the assistance of our Consortium of Change Management Professionals, the Adassa Adumori Foundation is helping to maximize productivity and teamwork, enhancing profitability, and strengthening communities ability to compete in the 21st century (continued)....


Entrepreneurialship (Micro Credit Financing)

Farming has always been the main vocation of the people of Emure Kingdom. In recent years, due to lack of quality equipments to farm, indegenes are beginning to find other means to provide for their families (continued)....

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