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Areas Identified:
1) Water and Sanitation-toilets needed in the communities

2) Quality Hospitals/ Clinics equipped with adequate equipments

3)Health Education to combat water borne diseases and other diseases .E.g. Typhoid Fever, Malaria, HIV etc.

4) Micro Credit Financing for small scale businesses.

5) Rural Development with advanced industrialization to raise the peoples' standard of living.

6) Leadership & Management Training for Teachers, Business people.

7)Energy---In Nigeria, there is very limited power supply. Often than not, Nigerians seat in darkness 98% of the time. In addition, many people cannot afford generators or the price of diesel to maintain generators. 
What We have Accomplished:
The Adassa Adumori Foundation has completed feasibility studies identifying areas of needs within the Emure Kingdom & Ekiti State at large.
In January 2009, the Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc Team, the Aslan Guild as well as other business men and women met with the King of Emure Kingdom, the chiefs and the Ekiti State Governor and members of his cabinet.