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Medicine and Education for Africa

A Family Planning Clinic in Emure Kingdom

Princess Fumi Ogunleye Hancock, RN, BSN, Ph.D

With assistance from US Medical Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Dentists etc, the Adassa Adumori Foundation has pulled together an "alliance" to combat the healthcare crisis inundating African children and their families. We continue to seek volunteers in this area as well as funding.

"On one of my visits back to Nigeria, I was perplexed at many of the senseless deaths I was made aware of. We have a serious situation where there are many rural clinics with absolutely no equipment. God help anyone if there is an emergency surgery needed! In 2005, I lost my niece to a senseless death. She was left in labor for over two days. As a result, she bled to death. For some miraculous reason, the son survived! She was 25 years old.

January 2009, we visited a general hospital in my community-Emure Kingdom. The visit was indeed a "rude awakening" to every American who visited the place with me. On arrival back to the US, I continue to see the faces of the children, mothers etc we met.

With cooperation from the new King-Oba Emmanuel Adebayo and a cry out from the current governor-Engr. Olusegun Oni, the Adassa Adumori Foundation is embarking on bridging the gap between the US and Africa."
---Princess Fumi Ogunleye Hancock, RN, BSN, Ph.D

While people may question if the government arm in these countries are addressing the issue, the truth be told; the situation is so bad that it will require a global intervention. To this realization, we reach out to our global family for assistance.

The Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc is dedicatd to providing free medical and dental assistance, education and care for the indigent population in Africa.

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The State of Health Care Clinics & Hospital in Rural Nigeria

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