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Adassa Brand is proud and honored to partner with the Adassa-Adumori Foundation on the CHAMPION A CHILD program to help eliminate poverty amongst women and children in Africa. You too can help save lives by purchasing our products tagged FASHION FOR LIFE like our handbags and jewelry.

When you buy a FASHION FOR LIFE product, you save lives.

Please, help save lives! Click here to purchase one of our "FASHION FOR LIFE" product.

What is FASHION FOR LIFE and how does it work?


***Mercher Moore "CHAMPION A CHILD" Luxury Handbag Collection are scheduled to be released in 2009***.

Imagine a world where children sleep on empty stomachs; imagine if your 6 year old child would have to walk over 5 miles everyday to get to a “shed” called school; imagine your child not able to sit through class because he or she did not eat last night; imagine that he or she would have to leave school early, risking their education, to sell fruits and goods at the market, just so their family can eat one solid meal for the day; just imagine living a life of no hope or even second chances?      

This is the story of many everyday African children and their parents who struggle to give them the best life possible....