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Princess Fumi Ogunleye Hancock, Ph.D-President & Head Designer

Our Business Philosophy

While not everyone will end up in a royal palace; the Adassa ™ philosophy is that no matter where your palace is; be it a one bedroom, or a studio or even  a palace as in the case of the matriarch, Princess Remi; there is always hope and women deserve the best.
                                  —Princess Fumi



Princess Fumi Ogunleye Hancock is the President/ CEO of Adassa, Inc. a Fashion House operating in the US. Over the years Princess Fumi has been involved in developing several Social Welfare and Health programs in the US as a Registered Nurse and a Social Worker. In addition, she has hosted two talk shows in New York and is the author of "Starting Right Now" and “Beyond Idol Worship, Diary of an African Warrior Princess.”



Princess Fumi Ogunleye, an African Princess’ story mirrors the slogan “life begins after 40!” After managing several Social and Health Agencies as a Registered Nurse with a Ph.D degree in Strategic Communications, Fumi was ready for a new challenge. Determined to run her own company and eager to create luxurious wear for women her age, she is walking away from her long career in the field of Nursing and Social Welfare and creating “pick me up” lounge and day wears featuring exquisite designs in 100%cotton, luxurious charmeuse silk, heavily embroidered laces and brocades from the Royal Palace in Emure-Ekiti, a community in West Africa.. After a 16 year career in Social and Health fields, she is ready to change gear. Princess Fumi wanted an opportunity to share her royal background with others while dressing them up in elegant robes. Fashion Designing was it for her!

Borrowing from her background in Social Work and Nursing, she is inviting women from all walks of life, regardless of age, size or culture into a lifestyle of hope and new beginnings. Princess Fumi has a mission, to empower, and encourage women to live their best life. More importantly, she strives to entrust to her customers her colorful African culture. Fumi believes that women deserve the best; that every woman is a princess, hence live the dream!


Her designs “Inspirations from the Royal Palace” combine great workmanship with unique stories emanating from the royal palace—The Adumori Royal Dynasty, of which she is a part. Her designs mesh vintage with modern day chic and is predicted to be a “hit” with women ages 28+ and up. Her first designer collection “Her Majesty’s Wardrobe” features 20 elegant styles (characterized by luxurious fabrics from around the world, fine laces, and unique accessories) will empower women to live “the dream.” The uniqueness of her lounge and day wear collection is that it caters to women’s need to feel and be luxurious, elegant, youthful, edgy and alluring.


More importantly, this collection carries a woman from the morning to night time with ease, comfort and “pizzazz.” Her signature collection caters to the woman who appreciates life, its quality and wants a taste of luxury. Each style, each with its own personality and price range are designed to be worn at home and outside of the home.


Princess Fumi Ogunleye continues to have an innovator’s eye as she is the very first to design at-home / day wear inclusive of all women with unique inspirations from the recent coronation of the King of Emure Ekiti, a Yoruba tribe in West Africa.


Though Princess Fumi is from a royal family, she is not afraid to pull up her sleeves and work. Adassa, Inc. and its subsidiaries are built from the scratch! Her secret is understanding and truly knowing what women need, want and desire.

It is her desire that ADASSA ™, Inc will be ranked by affluent women as one of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands, Adassa, Inc will therefore grow substantially while remaining committed to the vision that inspired Princes Fumi from the start. The ultimate goal of Princess Fumi is to dress women inside out. That is, helping women to release the princess in them. This is the foundation of ADASSA, Inc and what will make it a success.

Ms. Yolanda Shields- Vice President of Adassa, Inc.

Yolanda has considered a number of entrepreneurial ventures–selling floral arrangements, painting, sculpturing, consulting services for corporations and nonprofits groups, grant writing and even national franchise businesses  – she discovered exactly what that something else should be after spending time with a good friend.  She has always enjoyed fashion and home decor.  She never thought she would have the opportunity to do it.   After meeting with her good friend Fumi and talking about how to connect fashion with giving back she knew exactly what the business would be for this season of her life.  She realized with ADASSA BRAND she would be able to combine making women feel good about fashion/ design and giving back to children and families worldwide.  Yolanda says “Adassa is not just about clothes, it is also about making a difference in the lives of others”. 

Yolanda has a B.S. in Education and Social Work from Austin Peay State University and M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership (Fall 2009).  She has held several management and consultant positions during her professional career. She has provided services for corporate and nonprofit companies across the country. 

For over 19 years she has devoted her life to helping others, so it’s no surprise that she is seen as a gifted leader and advocate in her community. 

She has assisted over 20 corporations in the areas of marketing, media relations, and business development, program best practice, celebrity charity management, fund development, special event planning, strategic planning, professional development training, and organizational sustainability.    Yolanda is sought after as a leader in her field to participate in brainstorming discussions on how to improve customer services, as well as fund development sustainability strategies in the nonprofit and corporate sector.  Yolanda takes leadership seriously.   The same zestful energy that she packs into being a great leader was also packed into building her career in the area of corporate and nonprofit management and training.  She desires to serve with integrity and leaves nothing less than a trail of excellence wherever she’s involved.

Yolanda has earned the respect of individuals as well as the community in which she’s involved because she hones in on the day-to-day human contact skills that allow people to feel comfortable with her in order to accomplish the desired goals of their company or community group.  Organizations that contact her to provide a service are left with not only exceptional knowledge, but with the encouragement needed to continue on a path to accomplish the strategic goals for their companies’ growth. 

Yolanda Shields also knows the importance of Philanthropy; she has worked hard to bring together generous givers to make a difference in communities with the goal of promoting the well-being of the communities most at risk. Over the years her leadership skills, along with her commitment as a community leader, have worked to her advantage in establishing partnerships with several small and large corporations across the country.  She is looking forward to bringing generous givers together to make a difference in the projects and programs that the Adassa Foundation implements.

Luxurious . Elegant . Youthful. Edgy.  Sophisticated Brand
Every Woman is a Princess.... Live the Dream!


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The brand name is derived from the name of a teenager named Hadassah, who became Queen Esther in ancient Persia. The story of this noble queen bears semblance to that of Princess Fumi's mother, Princess Remi, a young orphan who overcame adversity and married an African Prince. Read more at: Princess Fumi's Bio.

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