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Champion a Village” is Adassa- Adumori Foundation’s development program which seeks to bring about a quality of life in targeted communities. We approach community development in a holistic and multifaceted way. Adassa- Adumori Foundation collaborates with rural communities to identify areas of needs in the following sectors:

-Education, -Health, -Women, Children and Families,-Youth and Community Development.

The recent statistics on primary education available shows that there are about 2,015 primary schools in Nigeria with no buildings of any type. Classes are held under trees. The quality of lectures conducted under such an inhumane condition would not be anything to be proud of.

      For Africans, education is a crucial part of freeing themselves from poverty. With deteriorated school buildings, inadequate school supplies, limited teachers and no transportation to and from schools as well as finances for school uniforms etc; African children and families face a very huge barrier in receiving an education.

With access to proper education, our children and families stand a chance of overcoming poverty and the Adassa- Adumori Foundation seeks to provide educational opportunities through the support of primary and secondary schools of learning or literacy programs; encouraging reading; funding the distribution of books and computers, repairing “currently substandard” school buildings; providing functioning libraries & school supplies such as uniforms; providing a means to secure health care staff who will run educational programs such as sex education; and immunizations.  Leadership Development seminars will train community leaders on entrepreneur opportunities to increase economic development. Please visit our website at www. adassafoundation.org for continuous updated information.


Immediate Need:
Donate to Free Food Program for School Aged Children
This will help to combat the long history of malnutrition amongst the children and their families.

Champion a child:$20– a child/1 month!
Champion a class: $500– a class of 25/month!

Champion a school: $2400.00 – a school with 120 children per month!

Donate to Water and Sanitation Projects
$350- build a functional toilet in a school; $100—build hand washing stations in a school.

Contact Information  for Adassa—Adumori Foundation, Inc.
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Spring Hill, TN 37174

Please send a check payable to:
Attn: Ms. Debbie Stinson
Adassa Adumori Foundation Fund
Code # 546607
The Firm Foundation of Middle TN
331 Mallory Station Road
Franklin, TN 37067

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