Dr. Fumi




Princess Fumi Ogunleye Hancock holds a dual Bachelors degree in Nursing, English, and a doctorate degree in Communication Arts.

She is a practicing Registered Nurse, a Counselor, was a group leader for “Real Women” at Cottonwood Christian Center in Southern California, where she also facilitated an Addiction & Recovery Life Group alongside her husband, David Hancock.

            While living in New York, she hosted, produced and directed a local Christian show “Straight Talk from the Heart of Jehovah God” in conjunction with the Rhema Prayer Ministries, Inc. as well as a 30 minute talk show called “Stepping Out with Dr. Fumi.”

In addition, she has coordinated several programs for women and children with many social service agencies in the New York and New Jersey area, ranging from foster care, adoption, second chance homes for pregnant teenagers to crisis intervention programs for battered women and Tennessee where she now resides with her family. 



In her books, she shares her story of growing up in a Nigerian Royal family, her sorrows, her healing,  and her greatest victory in the valley of hard times.

Since then, she has written 
"Starting Right Now" and BEYOND IDOL WORSHIP: Diary of an African Warrior Princess.




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