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“It broke my heart to witness in my homeland broken down schools, clinics with no running water or basic equipment, and hungry children having to walk miles to school,” she laments. “This experience has showed me that I can no longer pretend that Africa is not in dire need of assistance.

I am also very quick to recognize that the work which needs to be done in Africa will take everyone across the globe. Something has to be done.

I am indeed humbled that I’ve been granted the privilege to champion this cause for my people,” she adds.

With this challenge ahead of me, I invite everyone to take part in keeping this dream alive -- the dream of one day seeing every child and family overcome poverty.”

In addition, we are officially launching our "Fashion for Life" Campaign on this website; inviting family and friends to reach out and help by donating funds as well as help spread the news about our new Fashion Collection: "Inspirations from the Royal Palace 2009" slated for release very soon. For every fashion product purchased, a portion of the proceeds will fund our projects in Africa.

While we prepare for the World Launch of our Designs, we implore our friends to please consider funding our immediate trip to Africa in January 2009 where we will be launching a Free Food Program for School Aged Children."

Information on this trip ad other projects can be found on this website.

Thank you for taking the time to save a life in Africa. More importantly, thank you for joining me in making a difference.

Princess Fumi S Ogunleye - Hancock, RN, Ph.D
President & Founder

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“I have been an advocate for children and families for over 20 years and I am a mother.   I couldn't help but be totally moved when I saw the condition of the schools and the level of poverty in some of the African communities where children and families are living”.


I am so honored to serve with Princess Fumi Ogunleye Hancock to champion this cause.  I have known since I was a child that I would do work in Africa.  God has called me to champion the cause of children and families world wide. 

"Isaiah 61:4 keeps me focused on my purpose and destiny God has for me"

They will rebuild the places that were destroyed long ago. They will repair the buildings that have been broken down for many years. They will make the destroyed cities like new again. They have been broken down for a very long time.

I continue to envision a world in which all individuals, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, can reach their full potential and contribute to the well-being of their family, their community, and their nation. People of all countries and cultures share both the desire for a better life and the power to create one. 

We must act now, urgently and decisively, to ensure that the next generation of children will not be left behind.  Please join us in CHAMPIONING THE CAUSE OF CHILDREN WORLD WIDE.


Ms Yolanda Shields– Vice President 

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