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In Concert
With The King

Mistress of Ceremonies
Debbie Winans

In Concert with the King.

Wess Morgan

To accomplish this mission, the vision of Wess Morgan to brand life building messages via multimedia consumables and live events was birthed. In November 2007, Wess Morgan completed and released his debut CD title “Look at Me Now.” The contemporary Gospel music CD, serves as a testament to the experience of transformation in Morgan's life. Wess Morgan performs songs he has written and co-produced from “Look at Me Now” before live audiences across the world. Wess Morgan’s transformation has given him the platform to share both his music and testimony with and alongside Gospel music recording artists and Christian personalities such as Paula White, Clifton Davis, Carmen, Pastor Rod Parsley, the late Bishop G.E. Patterson, Dr. Bobby Jones, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Walter Hawkins, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, The Crabb Family, Daryl Coley, and many others. Wess Morgan has appeared on TV networks and programs such as TBN, The Word Network, BET Gospel, The Gospel Superfest and others.


Wess Morgan is the founder and director of RePre Foundation. The 501(c) (3) non-profit organization has a focus on drug and alcohol prevention/recovery. The foundation is working with churches, government programs, civic and community centers stateside and abroad in an effort to steer youth away from drugs and alcohol use, and towards participating in humanitarian based initiatives that will enrich their personal lives, neighborhoods and communities. The foundation serves youth in urban communities in Tennessee on an ongoing basis through faith-based and educational programs. Wess Morgan is also the founder and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Bow Tie World Music, a music production company that produces music recordings bearing Wess Morgan’s brand. The company has completed the production of its sophomore recording title “Under an Open Heaven” featuring Wess Morgan and the Celebration of Life Church Choir. Pastor Wess serves as Senior Worship Leader and Associate Pastor at Celebration of Life Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee where his parents, Joseph and Yolanda Morgan, are the Senior Pastors. In Concert with the King.

Jonathan Camcam

His singing debut was expressed during the Ballet Manila World Tour in Nashville, TN. He also sang with the Bethel World Outreach Center Choir and sang at the Ryman Auditorium with the Katinas, Newsboys, and Israel Houghton. He sang an opening duet song with Sally Pledger for the "Best Male Pop Vocalist" of the Philippines, Gary Valenciano at his 2007 World Tour in Nashville. Jonathan emceed and was the opening performance for the “Pop Divas of the Philippines”, Kuh Ledesma & Pops Fernandez 2007 Concert in Memphis, TN. Then he sang back up for the “Superstar of the Philippines”, Nora Aunor, 2007 concert in Nashville, TN. He recently sang and danced hip-hop with the Genesis Dance Team for the “Star Diva of the Philippines”, Carol Banawa, 2008 Concert also in Memphis.  He has sang to a crowd of 4 thousand people at the annual International Music Fest in Nashville.

He acted in the musical play, The Promise by Stormy Omartian. Then he acted in a Filipino film Arrangements by Joceline Mariano.


Jonathan and Joann have been blessed with their marriage of 18 years and now reside in Nashville, TN.  In Concert with the King.

Sally Pledger

She sang with Gloria Gaynor and various singers like Jewel, Taylor Swift, Joe Nichols, Jimmy Hall, Bucky Cunningham, and Lady Antebellum.


Sally also deejays and sings solo at weddings, birthday parties, graduations and karaoke gatherings.


Jonathan and Sally will now sing a song called “The Prayer” popularized by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.  Sally & Jonathan normally sings this in a Filipino-English rendition. Tonight, they are honored to sing this for you in a special and a surprise rendition.

In Concert with the King.
Merche Moore

You’re The One, an upbeat, Pop/R&B-influenced track, Produced by Grammy-nominated Producer, David “DaMonsta” Lynch, reminds the listener that “No matter what we’re going through, God has been so good,” says Merche. Her first single, You’re the One hit the airwaves across the country with rave reviews this Summer 2008. “Merche is truly gifted and has quite a message to share with today’s youth, says Ken Pennell, President of EMI Gospel. .

At the end of the day, Merché is all heart. She has a heart for God, a heart for music, and a heart for her generation. Effortlessly, she bundles all three of these elements and delivers the powerful and inspiring message to the world in a language everyone can understand.

With these said, it is with great honor that we at Adassa Adumori Foundation, a Tennessee based non profit organization whose goal is to alleviate poverty and hunger amongst children and their families in Africa announces Miss Merche Moore as the new face of 2009 Adassa Foundation “Champion a Child” Campaign: Our Youth Ambassador. (In Concert with the King)

Tiffany Green

The Music City, where Tiffany currently resides, but it's Tiffany's ministry and message as well as her music that set her apart. This world traveling songbird has graced the stage as a background vocalist with the likes of Paulis Sanchez, Aaron Mason, and Isaac Simpson. She has also shared the stage with gospel soul recording phenomena’s Lisa McClendon, Shay Norman, Leon Timbo, Nia Allen, J.R. from Crossmovement, and Virtue. After patiently enduring the heartache of two bad record deals and unscrupulous management, she has teamed up with heavy hitter producers such as Roger Ryan, Bryant Russell, Jonathan Winstead, and Van Johnson for her self-titled debut project, Tiffany Green. Her project is a packaged culmination of cutting edge hypnotic beats exhuming soulful jazz, neo-soul, and R&B melodies combined with inspiring lyrics. “I want to see lives changed, people set free, and for people to really understand their destinies," she said. "The purpose of my music is to bless all people through song and profess God’s goodness." Tiffany's music and ministry expand far beyond church walls and invade the streets. From the eclectic single Can’t Wait, to the lyrically potent hip hop induced Get Free, and neo-soul infused song Glamorous, Tiffany adds a touch of rhythm and blues with beats from the streets to meet listeners in a place where they are ready to receive. "God has called me to be a witness," she added. "I feel like we make good music for the church and the unchurched”. Her special mission is to also reach the youth and make music that is clean and holy that will draw their attention with beats and sounds they like." As a wife and mother, Tiffany understands and emphasizes to youth that dreams come through hard work, determination, and the blessings of God. "I only got to this point by trusting God and knowing that this is what I was born to do. It did look scary at one point because I didn't think it would happen for me but I realized that lifting up the name of Jesus is what makes me happy!" Lifting up the name of Jesus is exactly what Tiffany does in the infectious song of worship, Take Me To A Place when she cries, “Take me to a place that I’ve never been before. . . to a place that I’ve longed for!” With the voice of an angel and the fearless determination to take God's message and music to places it's never been, Tiffany Green is poised to ride the whirlwind of success to her divine destiny, and she can't wait!  In Concert with the King. 

Like a solitary diamond, ADIGÉ, has been shining ever since her very first performance in August 2002. Already, she has recorded an independent, selftitled release in 2002. She has just completed her demo with producer Jack “Shoc” Shocklee (tobyMac, Lil iRocc Williams, Group 1 Crew) and now she’s in the process of getting her second album together.

However, unlike many of her creative peers, ADIGÉ is striving to use her lyrics to educate rather than merely entertain. Whether it’s the encouraging lyrics of Walk It Out or the real issues that teenagers face today in her new song entitled Restoration, she provides a genuineness that is hard to find in any genre of music today.

“Many people in the church are too concerned with the style rather than the message, and it seems that many secular artists are just the opposite. I rap because I feel this is what God called me to do. I am not caught up in what people think about it,” states ADIGÉ.

ADIGÉ openly admits that even though she faces many obstacles of criticism and acceptance in this field of music as a female, she refuses to let that stop her from fulfilling the calling that God has upon her life. She is focusing on using those experiences to better her skills, both on and off the mic.

Unlike the secular female artists in the rap game, she has a message that solidifies the truth behind Christian rap and how the message of God is one of the most valuable tools to reach as well as save souls. She is believed to sound like a mix between the late Left Eye and Da Brat. “People always told me that I sound like Left Eye and I guess that’s because of the way I used to sound but now that I’ve gotten older and sound different they try to say that I sound like Da Brat. I have to admit my lyrics sound a little more aggressive and I’m more confident in what I say and how I say it, which is why they may compare me to both of them“ adds ADIGÉ.

ADIGÉ has ministered at a variety of events throughout the community, such as youth programs and workshops, the Juvenile Justice Center, the Martin Luther King, Jr. march, and other programs and services sponsored by and presented churches, organizations and community.

ADiGE’ has performed “Brighter Day” at the CeCe Winans 2006 Always Sister’s Conference, which is a song from her 2002 self-titled project. Over 2,000 young girls attended the conference and so many of them enjoyed the ministering gift of rap from God made evident through ADIGÉ when she opened up for the concert. “I really enjoyed myself and I’m looking forward to performing and going on tour real soon because I feel that my job is not done yet and I’m just getting started. Having the opportunity to minister in front of thousands of people within the last few weeks is only showing me what God is preparing me for in the future and I’m more than excited. The main audience that I’m aiming for is the next generation because they need to be heard and not just seen. I believe God has not only giving me an ear to hear but a voice to speak for the next generation as well and that‘s what I’m doing.”
  (In Concert with the King)
Peter Penrose

Peter believes that walls can come down through music and laughter. “Sometimes I just want to let folks forget about their troubles for a short while and help bring a smile to their face. When God gave me the vision and the command to be light in the darkness, I responded with the gifts that I had been given.  I want to be a part of what God is doing." (In Concert with the King)

The Village Church, Nashville, TN

Through our Drum and Dance ministry we affirm the primary role that drums have played in human communication and development and through dance we celebrate with King David the joy of serving the Lord. Afrikan drumming and dancing is a regular part of the Sunday worship experience at the Village. (In Concert with the King)