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Merche Moore, A Recording Artist and Youth Ambassador for Adassa Adumori Foundation is throwing a "2010 Benefit Concert" to raise funds for African Children!

For more information, please call 931-486-2188!



Thank you everyone for checking in with me. The weather is fast changing and I am thinking of many ways to give back. I was once asked a question: "What would I do if I only had 10 days to live?" "How would I spend my time?" While this may be a very deep question, it is very true to life. For me, being a part of a cause larger than myself is the answer. Making a difference is where my heart is. Being a Youth Ambassador for the Adassa Adumori Foundation is a very humbling experience. I am thankful that we live in a world (USA) where we have ample opportunity to be anything we want to be.

I am taking this season to not only be grateful but to extend a helping hand to sisters and brothers in Africa. As a youth, I know that we may be thinking of just playing through the season. What if you have an opportunity to give back while playing? What if you have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other youths like yourself?

This is my cause. Friends, family and well wishers; I will be throwing a bash early 2010 to help raise funds for African Children. There is so much needed.
This coming March 2010, I will be taking a trip to Africa with Princess Fumi and the Adassa Foundation. I don't want to go empty handed. I need your help to raise funds for the various projects going on at Emure Kingdom, Nigeria, Africa.

Please take your time to study all the projects in this website: the scholarship fund, "Readers Are Leaders" library and an Enrichment Center for children and youths.
Will you please join me in raising these funds? In the coming months, I will be sharing my goal for my 2009 Benefit Concert, please log back in to find out more or call 931-486-2188.
A big Thank you to those who attended my last concert in honor of King Emmanuel Adebayo (Emure Kingdom), at TPAC - Polk Theater, Nashville, TN on October 9, 2009. 

How You Can Help:
1) Spread the Word around in your community. Create a group and develop a fundraising event. (I need pictures and letters from you as you help spread the news about my African friends.)

2) Raise awareness within your community.

3) Whatever is laid in your heart to do, I will like to hear it. Send your email to: giveback@adassafoundation.org


Merche Moore




Merche's "Love" Song to her African Friends