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The Story Behind the Book Drive:
Princess Fumi visited Emure Kingdom with a team of Tennesseans this Janury, 2009. During our visit, we visited lot of schools with empty libraries, science labs. We saw children being taught Math, Science etc with no books. We met with the King as well as the government officials who cried out for help outside of the kingdom. Children were equally asking us to please come back and help the community. As a result, we have begun a library project called: "Readers are Leaders". This will be the very first Community Library in Emure Kingdom, a population of over 120,000 (1996 statistics) and the whole Ekiti State, a population of over 2 million as of 1996 statistics. We are gearing up to return to the Kingdom, March 2010 to officially launch this initiative.
We take this opportunity to thank the following donors:
Spring HIll Library, Public Library in Columbia, Friends & Families.

Will you like to know the type of books we are looking for?
Everything under the sun! Educational: Science, Math, Art, Instructional, Inspirational, Reading, Videos, Tapes.
We have collected about 5000 (as of 10/30/09) already but they are mostly reading books. We need more books in every subject area if we are going to suceed with this initiative.

We are happy to announce that King Emmanuel Adebayo and the Government have provided a building. In addition, the King has donated a piece of property to begin the building of the very first Enrichment Center.  Our goal is to duplicate this intiative across the State.
5. Where can people deliver/send books?
 Please call: Cell-615-400-0466 (for Ms. Yolanda Shields) or leave a message at: 931-486-2188; we will direct you as to where to deliver the books. Depending on the proximity, we may be able to pick them up too.
Our Fundraising Goals:
We are hoping to ship at least 10000 books. Our next goal is to raise funds to ship these books. Information can be found at this website. If you will like to donate towards the shipment of these books, please forward your request to: giveback@adassafoundation.org or you can go to the donation page for further instructions.
In addition, we are currently making arrangements for Princess Fumi's Heirloom & Handbags Parties. We are working on other events such as GiveBack Tennessee-We recommend that you check in (from time to time) to our website: http://www.adassafoundation.org for more information.
We are anticipating shipping the first batch by Early January, 2010 and your help is needed to make this happen.
If you have any questions regarding this book drive:
"Local Donors Fills the Shelves of a Nigerian Library " By Harriet Vaughan, THE TENNESSEAN