The lifestyle brand for the single gal who desires to live her best life.

Is the "pick me up" piece for the full time, sophisticated lady who barely has time for herself.

Is Ageless, Elegant and Sophisticated.

The style of an adventurous diva who wants to look and feel like royalty








"I was so excited to wear a style from the Adassa collection when called upon to do so.  Indeed, I felt like royalty.

      Every Woman should have the opportunity to live like a princess and the Adassa Brand help them do just that.

     The Adassa Brand allows you to start your day in elegant clothes and end that day in pure sophistication.

     As a woman over 40, I want to wear lounge wears that make me feel good and not make me look older than what I am.

The Adassa Brand does a great job of making women feel elegant and young." 

---A Native of Tennessee


The confident look of the princess who juggles work and entertaining dinner guests.

Is a phenomenon. It is East meets West. Adassa, the lifestyle brand is a “global solution to a global problem;” It is universal and not ethnic…. It is a taste of “global couture” with a touch of European Sophistication and American Lifestyle.

Is Fresh, Young, Exciting, Contemporary and for all ages.
Is Inspiration for all Women.

Luxurious . Elegant . Youthful. Edgy.  Sophisticated Brand.

Every Woman is a Princess.... Live the Dream!

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