King Emmanuel's Vision for an African Community: Emure Kingdom


Princess Fumi Ogunleye Hancock, Ph.D

In February 2008, I had the opportunity to go back to my community in Nigeria, after 23 years of absence. It was very exciting to be a part of the coronation ceremony for my cousin King Emmanuel Adebayo. I was equally very anxious as I walked down the streets to places I had not seen since I was young.
During my visit, the King discussed his vision for this wonderful community and his hope that family and friends from within and outside of the community will join him in making Emure Kingdom a healthy place for our children and their families.

King Emmanuel Adebayo- The Elemure of Emure

"Emure domain is situated in the South Eastern part of Ekiti State with a number of farm settlements and villages. Emure is blessed with good physical features on a fairly leveled ground that is well drained.
The streams Ose, Oyimo, Obeji and Eporo rivers pass through the extensive land area of about 93 square miles. Emure land is well wooded and fertile. Any agricultural investment will yield good results. Emure people are great farmers hence, agriculture is the main source of their livelihood in the production of Cocoa, Yams, Cocoyam, Rice, Beans, Corn, Cassava, Plaintain, Banana, Pineapple, Oranges and Palm products.
An investment in small scale manufacturing and wood processing will boost the state's economic status. As development and civilization growm other diverse economic opportunities will spring up.

The Queen

My Vision:
My vision for Emure-Ekiti is for a rapid transformation of the town to a buoyant, lively and highly productive soci-economic community.
Farming is the mainstay of the people and, an enabling environment will be created for high productivity.
A liaison and welfare office for youth development and counseling will be established within the palace office complex.
Further, regular meetings and interactions will be held at the palace to guide and enlighten the people as life without direction will lead no one anywhere.
Emure Associations and well wishers all over the world are encouraged to participate in as many as possible for the development of our community.
Finally, my motto - peace, unity and progress shall be pursued vigorously with an appeal to all and sundry to cooperate with me in this onerous task of rebuilding Emure - ULE EWA. "
King E. A. Adebayo, fcia
Elemure of Emure- Ekiti
The King has also called for assistance in the area of education. While the community can boast of 29 primary schools and 8 secondary schools, the poor state of the schools needs to be addressed. The King is seeking assistance, by repariing/rebuilding and equipping these schools for our children who desperately want to learn but do not have a conducive environment to work with.
In addition, the king will like to see the agricultural infrastructure within the community reviltalized as farming is the main source of income in the area. He invites organizations as well as well wishers with new technology to advance this process in Emure Kingdom.

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