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Adassa Adumori Foundation


"In Concert
with the King"
(a Benefit Concert for Children in Africa!)

Co-Hosting Event:
Festival of the Nations







In Concert
With The King

Mistress of Ceremonies
Debbie Winans


Wess Morgan is becoming increasingly popular for his ability to sing soulful melodies over lyrics that yield life building messages, as well as his unique ability to share God’s word coupled with his personal testimony. Both the music and spoken word coming from Wess Morgan connects with the hearts of people in search of the truth regarding their life’s meaning and purpose.
In his youth, Joel Wesley Morgan, p/k/a “Wess,” began traveling and singing with his two siblings and parents as they ministered the word of God in music, teaching and preaching in churches across the US. As a teen, Wess Morgan's life took a turn for what appeared to be the worse. He began using drugs and alcohol. The use quickly turned to abuse, which eventually lead to several repeated jail sentences and time spent in recovery centers away from family and home. Although many people within the community had given up on Wess, his family had faith that God would rescue Wess and recover him from a grim lifestyle filled with uncertainties. Post recovery, Wess identified and embraced his mission to become an agent of change in the lives of people in need of transformation before and/or after drug and alcohol abuse.


Jonathan Camcam is the past President and current Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Asian American Professionals in Nashville (NAAAP-Nashville). He is also the Executive Director of Festival of the Nations where he coordinates nearly 20 statewide international events a year. Please visit

He is also the International Pastor to Bethel World Outreach Center’s six congregations in the Middle Tennessee area. (contd...)

Festival of the Nations co-hosting concert with Adassa Foundation.


Sally Pledger, also known as DJ Sally was born in the Philippines. She began singing when she was 16 with a band performing locally in her town then internationally in Japan and Dubai.


Currently, Sally sings with four different bands—Sash, Retrospect, Blues Other Brothers, and Ten Most Wanted. These bands perform in a variety of venues like Opryland Hotel’s The Fuse. (contd...)


Tiffany Green -

It's no coincidence that Tiffany Green is one of the fastest rising artists on the urban gospel scene. Versatile, effervescent, and a minister in her own right, this Chattanooga-native has been singing since the age of two and sweeping talent shows and audiences since she was five. Tiffany Green! Versatile, effervescent, and a minister in her own right...Tiffany has traveled the Southeaperforming several hits including "Can't Wait", "Thou Will be Done", and the latest neo-soul hit song "Glamorous." To hear her cutting edge, uplifting, worship in song. "At about age four, I started to listen to the radio and mimic what they did," she said. "My mom would sing a part and I would sing it back." That's no surprise when one considers the fact that Tiffany comes from a family of singers. "My whole family sings, my mom, my dad, my brothers, my cousins, and even my grandparents," she said. "My mom had a group and so did my father." Still, singers come a dime a dozen in Nashville.  (contd...)


ADIGÉ (AH-dah-jeh): A Diamond In God’s Eyes

At a time when most of the younger generation are still in search of their creative niche, ADIGÉ has solidified her calling through her gift of writing, rhyming, and performing, as well as other talents such as drawing, acting, and dancing.

ADIGÉ has performed with numerous Christian artists within the past few years such as Mike E, Debbie Winans, Mr. Del and Holy South, B.B. Jay, and most recently with Nicole C. Mullen. The most recent concerts/conferences she has performed at are; the Women of Faith Conference performing “Witness” by Nicole C. Mullen in Chicago, IL and Philadelphia, PA, as well as performing with Nicole at the first Franklin Graham Crusade in Gastonia, NC.


Merche Moore.
At sixteen years old, Merche Moore is already a pioneer. Today,
Merché is the first digitally exclusive artist on the EMI Gospel label.

Since the age of six, her young career has included sharing the stage with gospel greats Mary Mary, opening for Nicole C. Mullen and also working with Nicole’s husband, prominent music producer, David Mullen. It also includes a stint at age thirteen as a cast member on the thirty-one city Veggie Tales Rockin’ Tour Live. (contd....)


Peter Penrose 
Raised on both the traditional music of the church and the top 40 pop and rhythm and blues of the ‘70s and ‘80s,his music is both profound and inspiring, and a celebration of the best of his diverse influences. From moving gospel ballads to upbeat funky sides, Peter brings to his music a sound, a touch and a heart uniquely his own.

Label it if you like, or just simply say that Peter Penrose is a voice for these times.  Peter’s performances combine a unique blend of great music and a down to earth sense of humor


The Village Church, Nashville, TN - The Village Afrikan Drum and Dance ministry is a vital part of an Afrikan-centered expression of the gospel.  (contd...)

For opportunities on corporate sponsorships, send your inquiry to:

Sponsor inner city youths to the concert: send inquiry to
Click Here to purchase your ticket to the Concert.

TICKETS: $17.00 NOW        
$20.00 AT THE DOOR

While making your payment(s), please key in the total amount of money required for the number of tickets being purchased. E.g. If you are ordering two tickets, key in $35.00. Ignore the number of items displayed on your paypal screen.
A Big Thank You to 
Tennessee State Museum
for sponsoring

"In Concert with the King"

James K Polk Theater, Nashville, TN

Video of facility

Date of Event: October 9, 2009
VIP Event (Meet & Greet with the King) 5.30pm (By Invite ONLY)
Tennessee State Museum
505 Deaderick Street, Nashville, TN 37243

Time of Concert Event: 7pm
TPAC Polk Theater, Nashville, TN


Concert with the King